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$10 Liberty Gold Coins

$10 Liberty gold coins were at one time the nation’s largest gold coin issued. With gold’s price set at $20.67 per ounce the coin needed to be .48375 oz. to maintain the correct face value.

Also called the Liberty Eagle, $10 Liberty Head coins were minted from 1838 to 1907 and it is one coin in the Liberty Head series.

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The design by Christian Gobrecht was modeled after the 1816 Coronet-Type Large Cent. Christian was famous at the time for designing the Seated Liberty dimes, quarters and half dollars. The front of the coin is nearly the same as the $20 Liberty but with less defined features on the face of Lady Liberty and a slightly different hair style. The front contains the date and 13 stars circling her bust.

The reverse of the coin depicts a bald eagle with wings outstretched, bearing a shield, holding arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other. Encircling the eagle is the words “United States of America” as well as the denomination. The motto, In God We Trust can be seen inscribed upon a floating ribbon, although some versions do not carry the motto.

$10 Liberties do garner investment interest, though not as much as the $20 versions, however collectors love this hard to get coin. Due to its rarity in certain dates it can be next to impossible to amass an entire collection.

Today it is owned by investors and collectors alike and can be purchased for a premium slightly above that of bullion in common dates.  We currently offer the most common 10 dollar Liberties for purchase in the following grades: XF, MS61, MS62, MS63, MS64 and MS65.

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