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$20 Saint Gaudens Gold Coins

$20 Saint Gaudens gold coins are one of the most popular US Mint gold coins today.  Called the Liberty Double Eagle ($10 is called the Eagle), their story is a very interesting one.  During Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency (1901-1909) he commissioned Augustus Saint Gaudens, a world famous sculptor, to redesign the countries coinage.  It is said that Roosevelt felt that the Liberty design was ugly and that he wanted our country’s coinage to be as beautiful as the ancient Greeks’ coins.  Thus the design of the lady liberty was born.  The design is so beautiful it is currently used on the modern issue American Eagle gold coin.

Twenty Dollar St. Gaudens were minted from 1907 to 1933 and were minted in the 1907 High Relief, 1907 No Motto, 1908 No Motto and 1908 to 1933 with Motto.

We currently offer the most common $20 Saint Gaudens for purchase in four Mint State Grades: XF, MS62, MS63, MS64, MS65 & MS66.  The dates will be our choosing.


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