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$20 Saint Gaudens Gold Coins

$20 Saint Gaudens gold coins have a storied history, as well as one of the most beautiful and widely recognized designs making them one of the most popular US Mint gold coins ever produced.  Called the Walking Liberty Double Eagle ($10 is called the Eagle), or the $20 Saints Gaudens, or $20 Saint for short, their story is a very interesting one.


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During Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency (1901-1909) he commissioned Augustus Saint Gaudens, a world famous sculptor, to do a full redesign of the country’s gold coinage.  It is said that Roosevelt felt that the previous design was ugly and that he wanted our country’s coinage to be as beautiful as the ancient Greek coins.  Thus the design of the new $20 Saint Gaudens was born.  The design was so well liked it is currently used on the modern issue American Eagle gold coin.

The obverse or front of the coin is what Saint Gaudens is known for. The figure of Lady Liberty is striding into the future with the torch of freedom in her right hand and an olive branch in her left signifying peace. Sunbeams surround her figure and if you look closely you can see the capital building in the lower left corner. 46 stars encircle the coin, which changed to 48 in 1912 to represent all of the states in the union.

The reverse of the coin follows the same sunbeam theme with a bald eagle in flight. Both the words “United States of America” and the denomination can be found above the eagle. In the initial designs the words “In God We Trust” were not depicted as President Roosevelt found it sacrilegious to put God onto money, but that was later overturned by Congress as the people of the U.S. wanted it put back on the coin.

$20 Saint Gaudens, especially in the higher grades of MS64 and MS65, are a preferred coin of investors due to their past performance in relationship to bullion. Investors will look for an opportunity to buy these coins at low premiums above the spot price in hopes that the gap will grow wider over time (which it has done in the past).

Twenty Dollar St. Gaudens were minted from 1907 to 1933 and were minted in the 1907 High Relief, 1907 No Motto, 1908 No Motto and 1908 to 1933 with Motto.

We currently offer the most common $20 Saint Gaudens for purchase in four Mint State Grades: XF, MS62, MS63, MS64, MS65 & MS66.  The dates will be our choosing. For more information on $20 Saints give us a call with your questions.

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