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American Gold Eagle

American Eagle gold coins are some of the most popular double eagle gold coins for sale in the world today.  The mint began issuing them in 1986 in response to the popularity of the South African Krugerrand and they have been highly sought after ever since.  The design for the American Eagle was derived from Augustus Saint Gaudens original design for the $20 coin minted between 1907 and 1933.  In fact much of the gold for the American Eagles minted today comes from the old gold coins melted down in 1933.  The reverse depicts the American bald eagle, conveying the strength and pride of America.

These US gold coins are issued by the United States Mint in various weights including 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, and 1/10oz and are minted with copper and silver in order increase durability.  As a result American Eagles are 22 karats (91.66% pure) and are therefore larger than other coins of the same gold content.  Each coin is guaranteed by the United States government for its weight and purity.

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