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Silver Rounds

1 oz silver rounds are a very popular way to invest in silver for those trying to get the most amounts of one ounce silver products for every dollar spent. Because they are closer to the spot price of silver than their counterparts, the government issued silver coins, they provide great value. Silver coins will be stamped with a monetary value and will be backed by a country’s government and therefore will carry a premium above spot from three to five times more than a round.

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Rounds are minted by for profit corporations like Sunshine Minting, A-Mark Precious Metals and Johnson Matthey to name a few. Amark and Sunshine Mint bullion rounds are the two brands that we are currently offering. These both contain one full ounce of silver at .999 fine and are widely recognized and very popular.

1 oz. rounds are very similar to 1 oz. bars in that they will both be minted by a company and carry the same weight of silver, only the shape is different, rounds are circular and bars are rectangular; that is the only real difference.

Whether you choose to buy coins, rounds or bars is really only a matter of preference. It should be noted that even though rounds are cheaper than coins, you will also get less for them when you sell them back. Silver eagles get the highest premium on the buy and sell side.

Silver rounds track the spot price of silver from the moment the spot market opens until it closes. But dealer sells physical silver at the spot price as each manufacturer or mint charges a premium over spot for each of their products, and so does the dealer. The spot price is merely an indicator of value to the physical metals market.

If you are looking for the best place to buy silver rounds, click into the each of the products for more details, and check out our volume pricing options.

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