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Peace Silver Dollar

Peace Silver Dollar coins are a very popular silver investment and collectible. They are not quite as popular as the Morgan Silver dollars that they replaced but none the less they are the last true 90% silver dollar that was used in circulation.

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After World War I ended the U.S. wanted to show its desire for peace and as such the "Peace" silver coin was created.  These silver coins were minted from 1921 to 1928 and then again from 1934 to 1935.  Silver Peace Dollars contain .7735 ounces of silver in order to maintain the 16 to 1 gold to silver ratio that was used when they were minted.

The Peace Dollar was born from the Pittman Act of 1918. When 350 million Morgan dollars, 47% of the existing supply, were melted in order to help Britain sustain the rush by its citizens to convert currency into silver. The Pittman Act then required the U.S. Treasury to replace the Morgans with new Peace dollars.

The Peace dollar was designed by Anthony de Francisci, a sculptor, who won the design contest, whose only stipulations were use Lady Liberty on the obverse and the bald eagle on the reverse.

By 1928 the Mint had met the requirement as outlined by the Pittman Act and thus shut down production until 1934 due to the need for the backing of silver certificates.

At Gold And Silver Online we currently offer loose as well as graded versions from mint state 63 to 65. Loose coins in the VG-EF range can be slightly worn to well-worn thus decreasing their desirability and silver content, although only slightly. Graded versions are in mint state condition and can fetch a nice value as they will be rarer than the loose versions we sell on the site. If you need assistance with your Peace dollar purchase give us a call.

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