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Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Introduced in 1979, the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin has become another favorite among gold investors. The gold maple leaf is a staple in the Royal Canadian Mint collection, and their collection of coins is vast. Recognized for its purity level backed by the Canadian Government, the gold maple leaf is truly a great coin to own for investment purposes.

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Until 1979 only a few gold coins were available for gold bullion investors worldwide, with the South African Krugerrand being the most popular at the time. The introduction of the gold maple coin was an excited new product for gold investors at the height of the bull market.

The gold maple leaf is one of only a few 24-karat gold coins on the market today.  The obverse contains the image of Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse depicts the famous maple leaf.  Each coin is guaranteed by the Canadian government for its weight and purity of .9999 fine, which is an incredibly high level of purity. From 1979 to 1982 they were minted in three nines (.999).

Due to its 24-karat nature it natural sheen is beautiful.  The maple leaf comes in various sizes and we offer its most popular size, 1 oz., as well as 1/2 oz. and 1/4 oz. variations. The gold maple can also be found in 1/10 oz. and 1/20 oz. versions. For one year only in 1994 RCM minted a 1/15 oz. variation with a $2 face value but because of lack in demand it was discontinued.

The Royal Canadian Mint has also minted some really large coins and at one point held the record for the largest gold coin ever minted at 100 kg, .99999 fine and a $1 million face value (worth $2 million at the time). The record is now held by the Perth Mint in Australia.

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