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Gold Bars

Buying gold bars is a very popular way to invest in gold. For individuals looking for the best way to buy gold bullion at the lowest prices, gold bars are the best option as their cost over spot is the lowest in the bullion category.

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Volume makes a difference when it comes to the price of gold bars, the larger the bar the lower the cost. For example a kilo bar can be had for about $19 over spot while a 1 oz. gold bar can be had for about $28 over spot.

All gold bars are 24 karat gold and at least .999 fine pure gold. Many manufacturers from government mints to private mints produce gold bars in various sizes.  Which mint is the best is a matter of preference. Some investors only like to buy well known products like Credit Suisse or RCM gold bars, while others only care to get the cheapest bars from Sunshine Minting. All of these companies use the same gold, same sizes, same purity etc.

We carry 1 oz., 1.6 oz., 10 oz. and 32.15 oz. bars from various manufacturers as listed above. Some of the most popular and common bullion bars are Credit Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint, Sunshine Mint and Johnson Matthey. All of these mints are well known and trusted producers of gold bars. Each bar is stamped by their manufacturer with their name, gold content as well as purity and an individual serial number.

The 1 oz. gold bars come in assay cards, which are hard plastic sleeves, while the 10 oz. and kilo bars do not come in assay cards and are loose.

If you have questions about buying gold bullion bars online please give us a call or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

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