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$20 Liberty Gold Coins

$20 Liberty Head gold coins are one of the most popular pre 1933 gold pieces collected and invested in today.  Their origin stems from the California gold rush of the mid 1800’s.  When gold was discovered in California the mint decided that a newer, larger size coin would be an appropriate addition to their portfolio gold coins for circulation and thus the double eagle gold coins were born. This new $20 version added to the $10, $5, $2.5 and the $1 Liberties that had already been in circulation.  Being that gold at the time was valued at $20.67 per ounce at the time, the mint produced the $20 Liberty at .9675 oz.

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Twenty Dollar Liberties were minted from 1850 to 1907 and come in three different types:

Type I: minted 1849-1866, “No Motto”
Type II:  minted 1866-1876, “Twenty D” on the reverse
Type III: minted 1877-1907, “Twenty Dollars” spelled out

All twenty dollar liberties have the same basic design. The front or obverse of the coin, designed by James B. Longacre, depicts the bust of Lady Liberty with 13 stars encircling her head. Atop her flowing hair is a coronet, or crown, with the “Liberty” inscribed upon it. The date can be found dead center at the bottom of the coin.

The reverse of the Liberty was also designed by Longacre using the customary bald eagle. The eagle is has his wings spread wide while bearing a shield upon his chest resembling the theme of the American flag. The eagle is clutching arrows in the left talon and an olive branch in the right talon. The words “United States of America” can be found along the top, and the bottom depicts the denomination. The reverse also contains the 13 stars representing the original colonies.

$20 Liberties in the mint state (MS) category are a very popular investment due to their rarity and high quality. These factors allow them to perform differently than bullion coins and bars. Sometime they will be up while bullion is down and vice versa, while other times they may move in the same direction. The $20 Liberty in MS64 and MS65 are particularly attractive for their ability to outperform bullion coins.

We currently offer the most common $20 Liberty for purchase (1904 Philadelphia) in four Mint State Grades: XF, MS61, MS62, MS63, MS64 & MS65. For more information about $20 Liberty gold coins and how to buy them give us a call.

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