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Austrian 100 Corona Gold Coins

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Austrian 100 Coronas

Many Americans today do not realize that we were not allowed to own gold bullion from 1933 to 1974.  As such no American gold coins came out of the mint during this time.  In fact it wasn’t until the introduction of the American Gold Eagle in 1986 that the U.S. again began to mint gold coins.  Thus many Americans had to look to other country’s available gold coins and the Austrian 100 Corona happened to be one of them.

Austrian 100 Coronas were minted from 1908 to 1914, but after the death of Franz Joseph in 1916, Austria began to issue restrikes to commemorate the leader, and all restrikes display the year 1915.  Restrikes are reproductions of coins and the Coronas are no longer being issued, therefore no minting or marketing costs are associated with them, they are all found in the secondary market.  As such they can be bought at low premiums just like older South African Krugerrands and Maple Leafs.  Very rarely do original years of Coronas surface in the market.

Design and Specifications

The obverse of front of the coin displays the image the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I who ruled from 1848 to 1916.  The reverse depicts a double-headed eagle donning two crowns with Austria’s coat of arms emblazoned on the breast of the creature.  The face value and date are inscribed on the coin twice, once in Latin and once in German.  The edges have the words “Vnitis Viribvs” written on them.

Each Austrian Corona contains .9802 ounces of gold and is 90% pure.  Other metal is added to the coin for durability as they were originally intended for daily use.  They are 37.1 mm in diameter which makes them around 5mm larger than the 1 oz. gold eagle.

Austrian Coronas are very popular gold investment option available in the market today for those looking for “cheap” or low premium gold coins.

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