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Swiss Gold 20 Franc Coins

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20 Franc Gold

 Swiss gold coins have been around since 1492, and since its implementation in 1815 the gold Swiss Franc is one of the oldest frequently traded coins in the world market. This coin is also known as the Swiss 20 Franc Vreneli. It is considered to be the most distinguished and characteristically designed Swiss gold coin. Switzerland has always backed its currency with gold, giving Switzerland a lot of stability and fiscal strength.

Design and Specifications of the Swiss 20 Franc Gold Bullion

 On the front side of the coin is a Swiss woman named Vreneli, she is facing to the left and wearing her hair braided with flowers. The word Vreneli comes from “Verena” an image of a woman that signifies the Confederation of Switzerland. Another name you might hear the Swiss Franc being referred to is “Helvetia,” and you will find this engraved on the coin above Vreneli. “Helvetia” is the Swiss version of “Lady Liberty.”

On the backside you will see an image of the recognizable Swiss shield and Swiss Cross in front of an oak branch, which is a symbol of strength and independence. Also displayed is the coins value, year of issue, and FR (for Swiss Francs).

Gold Swiss Francs were minted in Bern and the coin is marked with a “B” as a result.  Its 90% gold and 10% copper content allowed the coin to make it through circulation with fewer blemishes because of copper’s resilience and durability. 

History of the Swiss Gold 20 Franc

These coins were struck off and on throughout 1897 to 1949. In 1879, 29 coins were struck with shiny Valaisan gold from Gondo. On the backside of these coins you will find a small cross in the middle of the Swiss Cross.

Throughout history there have been roughly 61 million Gold Swiss Francs that have been issued. The 20 Franc is also known as the “Euro before the euro,” and is one of the most widespread gold Swiss Francs. Collectors find the Vreneli to be highly favorable because of its gold content. A note worthy fact about these coins is that a portion of their gold content came from Madre de Dios, Penuvian gold mines.

There was a competition put together in 1849 in hopes to change the design on the obverse side of the Helvetia with a new artistic design. The Swiss Federal Council gave the job to Fritz Ulysse Landry and his name is engraved on the coin under Vreneli.

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