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1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins - 2014

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2014 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is one of the most popular silver coins to buy in the world, and is the official silver coin of Canada.  It has been in production since 1988 under the supervision of the Royal Canadian Mint, introduced nine years after the release of its counterpart, the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf.  With Gold And Silver Online you will find the Silver Canadian maple Leaf on sale for close to the spot price of silver.

There are two Royal Canadian Mint locations: Winnipeg and Ottawa.  Winnipeg is responsible for producing all of Canada’s high volume coins, including currency coins, while Ottawa is responsible for producing gold coins, collector coins, and medallions.

The Silver Maple Leaf set records in 2010 with almost 17.8 million coins produced, a significant increase over 2009’s production of just 9.7 million coins. The increased production in 2010 reflects the level of demand these coins have.  To put this in perspective, the U.S. Mint produced 34.7 million Silver American Eagle coins in 2010, about twice as many than the Silver Maple Leaf, though the U.S. has a much larger population than Canada.

Silver Maple Leaf Coin Specifications:

The Silver Maple Leaf has a face value of $5 Canadian dollars, the highest face value of any 1oz silver coin worldwide.  Its silver content is rated 99.9% pure.

The obverse (front side) of the coin depicts the image of Queen Elizabeth in three different versions: youthful, mature, and as a senior.  In comparison, the Gold Maple Leaf depicts her aging every year.  The mint date (year of issue) and the face value are contained on the obverse as well.

The reverse of the coin depicts the famous maple leaf, which is the national symbol of Canada.  This side also contains the words “Fine Silver 1oz Argent Pur, 9999” (for purity) and “Canada” across the top.

Variety of Versions

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin typically consists of 1 troy ounce of silver (31.1g).  Variations over the years have included privy marks, proof releases, holographic enhancements, a colored maple leaf, and commemoratives.

A privy mark is a small mark of differentiation to identify some aspect of a coin for control purposes.  Currently (as of 2012), the Silver Maple Leaf uses them as a marketing feature.  Privy marks in the past have been used to create rarity.  For example, in 2005, a triple privy Silver Maple Leaf was issued to commemorate the Liberation of the Netherlands, and is one of the rarest issues of all Silver Maple Leafs.  The very first version was encapsulated with a grade of 70 on the Sheldon Scale, and was presented to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

An interesting fact about the Silver Maple Leaf series is that they come in rolls of 25 coins, which is unique, as most issuing countries use rolls of 20.

Many different issues of the Silver Maple Leaf are in existence today.  One of the most interesting is the 10oz version, minted in 1998 to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the coin series.

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